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“We have only heard the faintest whispers of how great you are.”

Wonderful Maker- by Chris Tomlin


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Back in May- Melissa, Abby, and I went to the beautiful beach of Bahria de Navidad.  Two words to describe the trip: community and restful.

Saturday night, I went to the ballet with one of my student’s families. My student was performing in two of the dances, so fun! I’ve never been to the ballet before and I loved it!! 😀

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Gotcha Forshadowing…

Best moment of today:

While front loading my students about our weekly theme and using a personal example; I heard a female student lean over and ask one of my male students, “Is she really good?” In a tone drenched with disbelief. A little embarrassed, he nodded his head and sheepishly said, “Yeah, she is good.”   😀 That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I’m not half bad when it comes to playing paintball with 12 year olds!  More details to come when I have some time.

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