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Year Two, Time to Improve!

Wow, the first day of my second year is over. It went by as quickly as it came and I’m completely unsure of where to start.

For the last week I’ve been preparing my classroom for today and in many ways today didn’t seem like the first day of school It seemed like a continuation of the previous year. So to start, I should begin on Sunday rather than this morning. Unfortunately I had forgotten a to write our weekly verse on the board and decided to stop in my classroom Sunday afternoon.  What was meant to be a ten minute stop became much longer when I opened my classroom and found my desks swimming  en un lago.   From what I can piece together during a torrential rain storm that happened Saturday night, the drain outside my room clogged with leaves and mud, which resulted in water pouring into my room from under the door. At some point it covered every inch of my floor, drowning everything including my computer tower. (The jury is still out on whether it will work again.)  Even in the midst of the puddle I am so grateful in the way God provided help in cleaning up the mess and the many things that were not destroyed in the process.  It is fitting that my class theme is that we’re going on a journey together, and the truth is that sometimes things happen on our journey that we don’t expect and that we can’t control.  I can only lift praise to God for the way he provided help and protection on all my student’s books!

Which brings us to this morning. I walked into my classroom around 7:10 and greeted my first students at 7:15.  From there on the day is kind of a blur. I know that I talked a lot.  It’s difficult to do many activities because you have to explain EVERYTHING.  Everything has a procedure, supplies have to put away, expectations explained, and things in the classroom to be shown.  I hope tomorrow is much more ‘real’ than today was.  First and foremost though we are going to practice, practice, practice!  They are a bright group and I’ve set high expectations for them.  I want to be sure that I give them enough time to practice all that I expect.

On another note, during morning work, many of my previous 5th grade girls came back to visit. Oh I love them. They all wanted to give me big hugs and one darling girl brought me Swedish Fish. (I actually have Sarah to thank for introducing them to my class! I may have eaten several during the lesson and this one student noticed. She is so sweet!)  It was in that moment that I realized I missed these kids over the summer.  As we lined up for our general assembly all my previous students waved and said hi as we walked past and I just wanted to hug them all!  They’ve grown so! (One even has a mustache… I wish I were making that up!) I am excited to build similar relationships with my new class, but I don’t think anything can replace the bond I have with that first class.

After school I worked a little long on preparing various things and then went home. I proceeded to try to have a lengthy conversation with my host ‘mom’.  She is more like my grandma, but I love her all the same. She made me comida and sat and talked about school and many other things.  By the end, my brain was fried but I appreciate all the Spanish practice and help I’m getting. She is wonderful and I’m confident that my Spanish will improve. It’s improved all ready!

After our conversation I headed back towards Las Fuentes and enjoyed cena with other Lincoln teachers. It was great to hear about their first day and all they experienced. I love Monday Night Dinners and I’m thankful to Charla and the initial crew who began this wonderful tradition.  Finally, I’ve come home and rested for a bit and now it is time for bed.

Finally, as for my title today….. the wonderful co-5th grade teacher titled her albums with catchy little phrases. In an ode to her I’ve titled this year a year to improve.  Improve in my classroom management, creative teaching, ministry outreach, love for other teacher, and Spanish ability.  Although I’m fully aware this is a lot to take on, I am confident with God’s grace that he will demonstrate the areas where I should focus my attention each day.  I’m open and eager for His leading each day.

God is good, and good night for now!


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