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Almost a month has passed since my last updated….. sorry.

Briefly, here are a few updates.

1. Completed the first day of parent-teacher conferences! It was a packed day, but I believe a positive and beneficial day. Thank God for parents who are patient and open to ways we can work together to teach their child!

2. Went canyoneering with a student, her dad, and a group of other adventurers. IT WAS SO AMAZING! In a short sentence, we went: hiking, swimming, jumping, sliding, crawling down a river a few hours outside of Guadalajara. I could do that every weekend.

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3. Adventured out to a new beach with my brave roommate Abby.  I’m so blessed to live with her.  True to our terrible luck camping it began raining the first night and continued to rain for the next 24 hours. Despite the rain and chill, we managed to have one glorious day of sun, swimming in turquoise blue water, thoughtful conversations, and hiking.  We ended our weekend a day early and headed home; but not before strolling around Barra de Navidad chopping on licorice while sporting fake mustaches.

4. Rediscovered my love of the kitchen. I taught “Author’s Purpose” this week in my class and decided to make each of my student’s their own little apple empanada instead of a big pie. I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen and didn’t even realize it, it was beautiful.

5. Lastly, God is daily showing me how faithful he is. To the point of stopping me in my tracks each day as I realize that this year is going to be one difficult day after difficult day; and yet, God is constant in providing a moment of encouragement, a friends kind word, or thoughtful conversation. It’s always something and I’m humbled as I continue to trust in his purposes.


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