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One flight at a time

It’s been home over a week now and I’ve enjoyed so much of it! I’m so thankful that God continues to be faithful in His provision and care over me. Thursday, December 20th, proved to be an interesting travel day.  One that I will not soon forget.

4am: Rise and shine! Time to get ready and head to the airport.
6:50am: First plane takes off from Guadalajara and Angie (a 2nd grade teacher) and I spend the entire flight talking. I loved the one on one time with her.
9:30am-ish: Rushed through customs, baggage claim, security, ordered Starbucks’ peppermint hot chocolate, dropped Angie off at her gate, and went to assess why my plane was delayed.
9:45am: Called up to the counter and was told that I’d be switched to an earlier departing flight. The woman at the counter INSISTED that the “man upstairs” was telling her that I needed to be on this other flight.
11:05am: I made the last available standby seat.
11:15am: Found out that Chicago grounded all flights for an hour… so we sat on the runway to wait.
12:15pm: Were given the “ok” to take off!
3:30pm: Arrived in Chicago!
3:45pm: Where I found out that my connecting flight from Chicago to Grand Rapids had been cancelled. I rushed over to an earlier departing flight and asked if there were any available seats. (There were not.)
4:00pm: Realized I had been standing for 10 minutes in the wrong line for customer service. (Oops!)
4:30pm: Further realized that the customer service line was going to take hours to move through, and over heard the girl behind me mention that she was heading to Michigan.
4:45pm: Made the decision to rent a car and drive back with two new friends.

Our car ride back was fantastic! I really enjoyed the company and was able to share with these two my testimony in how God brought me to Mexico, plus I was so grateful to be home Thursday night! Looking back through the day I am confident in seeing God’s faithful provision in making sure I was at the right place at the right time. It was a crazy day for many travelers, but I continued to feel a sense of confidence and peace that no matter what happened or where I ended up; God knew before the beginning of the Earth where I would be on December 20, 2012.


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Andy Grammer

Thanks to a wonderful friend, I’ve been listening to a new selection of music the last couple of weeks. One of the artist she shared was Andy Grammer; but to be honest, I didn’t choose to listen to it until this week because I didn’t like the look of the cover…. I’m hooked. My favorite today is: The Pocket and Ladies

Just felt like sharing. 🙂

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Mark 5 Notes

So I have to lead Bible Study tonight and my lesson is pretty much my life at the moment. Since I have failed at posting about anything, I figured I could at least post my outline. I encourage you, since you’re already reading this, to stop and get your Bible. Follow along as you read.

Start with YouTube video- (keep in mind the various reactions), then go around in a circle and each person read a paragraph until we’re done with the chapter 5.

-What are the three distinct stories being told here in this chapter?

Demon-possessed man, Jairus’ daughter, sick woman

-What similar themes do you see in each of theses stories?


-Demon Man

  • People’s response to the man: vs 3-outcast, bond, forsaken
  • Jesus’ response to the man: vs 9- what is your name
  • Demon man’s response to Jesus: vs 6-ran and fell before his feet, acknowledging who Jesus is. (the demons KNOW!)
  • People’s response to Jesus: vs 15-17- afraid, pleaded with Jesus to leave! (What is their reaction to the man?)
  • Man’s response to Jesus’ leaving: begged to come with


  • Response to Jesus: vs 22-23-Saw and fell before his feet, pleaded
  • Jairus’ friends and family’s response to Jesus: vs 40- laughed at him

-Sick Woman

  • Response to being noticed by Jesus: vs 33- fell before his feet trembling with fear

How do you respond to Jesus? Who do you identify with?

Do you treat the time you spend reading your Bible or in prayer like you’ve fallen at the feet of Jesus?

I don’t. Why not? What did the Demons know that we don’t? They know the identify of Jesus. (Look back at the last chapter, last verse: Mark 4:41- “Who is this?”) This is the same question I’ve been asking myself recently. Do I fear Jesus the way these people did? Enough to fall at his feet trembling?

Proverbs 9:11-The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.  But this fear is different from the kind the women in the elevator or the country people experienced. (2 Timothy 1:7)  A fear that doesn’t push Jesus back into the boat, but causes you to come back like the sick woman and fall at Jesus feet in worship.

Is there anything that is causing you to resist, to push Jesus away?

Yesterday I was listening to a song and the lyrics caught me: “All that I have ever had, and all that I have now become- Is all for you Jesus.” But what if what I’ve been or what I am now is not a gift I want to give him? My shame makes me want to push Jesus away.

But… someone read: Matthew 9:11-13- He already knows my shame and guilt and that didn’t stop him from choosing death for me.  He knew it all, still choose to come, suffer, rise again, all so that I might be able to answer the question, “Who is he?” in a personal way.  I invite you to come with me and discover who Jesus; who God is. What is your response to Jesus going to be?

Anything else someone would like to share from the chapter?

Prayer: Partner up and share a prayer request, pray with your sister/brother.

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