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Who is wrong?

Last Thursday I had a parent meeting that went, well, not well.  I walked out of my coordinator office feeling a mix of rage and defeat. A few comments made during this meeting included, “I don’t want to gossip, but…” or “My son is a Christian, and *** is not so they don’t speak the same language.” (Regarding compassion) or “I haven’t slept well in three nights so what are you going to do to fix this problem?”

For a day or so afterwards I kept thinking about what is a teacher to do when a parent is wrong. I mean, really wrong, about a situation. I couldn’t and still can’t get over the audacity of the comments that were made judging the heart of an 11 year old or the sincere lack of love.  But what was I suppose to do? 


I fell before God during my first free period and laid out my anger. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t focus, and I certainly didn’t want to look at this student. So I asked for prayer from others and confessed my heart to God. He was so faithful to provide his promises when I asked. The rest of the day went smoothly, and I was able to continue to love this child and treat him with respect despite how disappointed I was in the whole situation. That most certainly was not in my own strength.

The whole situation still comes up in my mind each day. I fight the thoughts that spur anger and resentment.  I continually hear myself thinking, this isn’t what I would have done…. Tonight I read a passage from Luke 5:1-11 where Jesus instructs Simon and Peter to go back out and throw their nets out again despite their fruitless night fishing. The fishermen could have told Jesus to leave the fishing to them and they would leave the carpentry to him, but they didn’t. They obeyed and were shocked by the result. God is Elohim. He is the beginning of all things, beginning and creator of all jobs. He knows how to be a teacher better than I do, because he is the creator, the beginning, of all teaching. So although whats happened isn’t how I would manage the classroom, maybe it is how God would manage the situation.

So who is really wrong? Just something I’ve been thinking about.


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Moment of Reflection

Tonight, I realized will probably be the last night my family of 5  is all together living under one roof.  Even though I live independently in another country, my parent’s house is my home.  And it looks like tonight will be the last time I share a home with my younger brother. Wow, it won’t be the same when I come back in July. 😦

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