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Beginning with “Revelations”

It seems to have been ages since I’ve last written, and in that time so much has changed, and yet so much is still the same. Having begun my third year teaching at Lincoln, I am still learning what it means to teach 10 and 11 year olds.  My group this year consists of 12 Mexican, American, and Korean students. Although there are many wonderful things to report on with regards to school, I’m going to jump ahead to yesterday. 

After school, there are 30 minutes (Salida) where students are outside the classroom and I am strictly focused on grading and entering grades.  Typically, every day, I have one spunky, vivacious 3rd grader who stops in to say hi and “talk”. She is funny and lovely and I enjoy her for periods of time; but as I am suppose to be grading, her extended visits can require patience and sensitivity. Yesterday, as she ran in, she immediately asked me if I’ve ever heard the “Revelation Song” and asked if we could listen to it. I gladly pulled it up on YouTube and for several minutes we just sat singing and worshiping God together. After she left I was filled with a sense of priorities. There are been many times I’ve ushered this dear 3rd grader out so I could finish the work always before me, but in doing so how many similar opportunities have I missed?  In given the choice, I often choose my selfishness over ways to serve those around me.  Whether they are fellow teachers or intrusive 3rd graders, I thank you God for speaking so softly and clearing about His priorities in those 15 minutes yesterday.


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