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Random Thought

This is a random and recent observation about myself, but I don’t sleep well if the sheet is un-tucked. I haven’t the slightest idea why that is, but only that I consistently don’t sleep well if my bed is un-tucked for any reason.  Anyways….. Happy 4th of July!


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Catch Up!

Wow, I’ve officially ended my first year of teaching and my first year of living abroad. What a life changing experience it has been, and will continue to be.  The last month of school was insanely busy with a variety of things. Here are just a few highlights from the last month in no particular order.

1. Completed 10 weeks of running with the fabulous Miss McBride! This year she has been a continually encouragement and true friend. I’ve appreciated her holding me accountable and challenging me both physically and spiritually. I will miss her deeply next year.  Thanks to her, I think I’ll be ready for my 5k in August.

2. Finished my first year of teaching!  Saying goodbye to my 5th graders was bitter-sweet.  I’m excited for them as they continue to mature physically and spiritually, but hope that I will continue to maintain some of those hard-earned relationships.  Trust takes so long to build and by they time you’ve established it, it’s time for them to move on to the next grade.

3. Spent a day with some of my kids at Natural Adventures.  It’s like a Craig’s Cruisers, but better.  Check out the pictures for clarification, but it was awesome to just have fun with them!

4. Moved into my new place! Another teacher, Miss Reeves and I will be living with a woman from her church in order to learn Spanish more fluently next year. She is lives in a little two bedroom apartment, and I can’t express through the virtual world how excited I am.  The woman is in her 70’s and is very sweet. She used to work at a language school and will be able to teach me Spanish, not just speak it at me. I think I’ll maintain a lot of my freedom, but be in an environment away from all Americans. The walk is only 15 minutes and I get to live and get to know someone I haven’t had much opportunity to this past year.  I’m elated at the opportunities that await me next year! (The best part of the whole situation is that I didn’t go looking for it. I trusted my understanding of the desires God gave me and trusted that they were his as well as mine. He provided in His perfect timing, and it truly couldn’t have been any more perfect.)

5. Charla and Rachel came to visit! Although my time with each of these beautiful women was short, it was wonderful to see them and speak with them.  Brief conversations with them brings encouragement and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to see them.

6. I took my 2nd ever personal day.  Renee and I decided that before the year ended we should take a day and just spend it together. We had planned to use a testing day were we weren’t responsible for very much, but sadly that day didn’t work.  We were going to leave it at that until our coordinator offered up another day, and we gladly accepted it.  We headed to a pretentious mall and enjoyed the comforts of a VIP movie theater, Outback Stake House, and various stores.  It was a fun afternoon and one I’m glad I spent with Renee.

7. Spending time with the boys at the orphanage. I just loved the time I spend with the boys and look forward to going back so that I can continue to invest in their lives.  Everything about being there feels right and has been a huge highlight since Spring Break.

8. I read this article and was happily enlightened. It’s long but very informative. After finishing the article, it only confirmed I am where I need to be.

9. I was sent roses twice, but that’s only a story I’ll describe in person.

10. Coming home! My first full day back in the States has been restful and full of family time. I love it, and hope all summer is the same.

That is all for now, and hope that this was a satisfactory overview of a few things.

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